Upcoming Events

  • CTAC's March event
    Sharon Hyson, Art Therapist / Educator / Artist, and Founder, Art for Life, leads this month's monthly gathering of the Chicago Teaching Artists Collective. The Chicago Teaching Artists Collective (CTAC) hosts a monthly series of discussions about arts education, the teaching artist field, and community engagement through the arts. You are invited to CTAC's March event. Come for a presentation, a discussion, and an experiential part! Health Care for the Mind and Body For Artists and the Self-Employed Part 1 (of a 2 part program) will be held on Thursday, March 16, from 7:00 - 9:00 p.m. at the Lake Side Cafe, 1418 West Howard Street at Sheridan, in Rogers Park, Chicago. Presenters include: Sharon Hyson, Art Therapist / Educator / Artist, and Founder, Art for Life. (sharonhyson@hotmail.com, 312-409-3258). Sharon creates art therapy programs and facilitates art workshops for all ages and all populations, in healthcare, educational, and recreational settings. She has created and developed art programs in shelters, psychiatric facilities, family camps, elder camps, senior facilities, camps, schools, special education programs, jails, rehabilitation hospitals, and community organizations. She makes the arts accessible and has presented widely at conferences. Sharon will lead an experiential workshop, "Art from the Inside / Art for Self - Empowerment," in which she uses the Visual Arts as a tool for wholeness, wellness, stress reduction and growth. She will speak on why adding the arts enhances one's state of health and why all elected officials should have an art therapist available and on their team to offer art programs which will aid in increasing the well being and mental health of the people in their community. Amona Buechler, owner of the Lake Side Cafe, which has vegetarian, vegan and organic cuisine, will speak on Inner and Outer wellness, well being, and health. The restaurant and her massagetable business represents the "Outer" well being, and the non for profit I.M.U. (Inner Metamorphosis University, which is on the same premise as the restaurant, represents the "Inner" well being. She will also speak about the art of sharing creativity and passion, as it relates to the things she offers. Arlene Rakoncay is a founding member of the Chicago Artists' Coalition; a 31 year old service organization for visual artists. She recently retired after almost 28 years as the Executive Director. Arlene will discuss CAC's current insurance plans and other insurance alternatives as well as the state of health insurance for self-employed people. Lew Rosenbaum has been involved in the battle for decent health care for 40 years, a bookseller for 30 years, board member of Guild complex, and director of the Chicago Labor and Arts Festival, now in its 10th year. Lew says, "In the 40 years since I became involved in the battle for decent health care I've seen two things happen. First, an increasing corporate stranglehold in health care delivery and insurance has turned our country into the laughingstock of the industrialized world. Second, technological changes have transformed all corners of our society to make it possible to guarantee every man, woman and child high quality care. Under these conditions, it is criminal for artists to have to hold benefits to pay for basic care for colleagues who can't get minimal insurance. I'll talk about why universal health care is not only necessary but possible, and why denial of health care today is tantamount to murder." The program itself is free and open to the public. Come hungry and buy yourself a delicious dinner, appetizer or dessert! For further information about this event, contact Sharon Hyson, organizer of tonight's program. Contact her at sharonhyson@hotmail.com or at 312-409-3258.

Hurricane Katrina Relief

  • Grassroots/Low-income/People of Color-led Efforts
    http://katrina.mayfirst.org/ *This site explains why it's important to support local, grassroots relief efforts, and includes a large list (you may add to it) of organizations who are doing the following: --organizing at the grassroots level in New Orleans, Biloxi, Houston & other affected areas --providing immediate disaster relief to poor people & people of color --being directed by, or accountable to, poor people & people of color --fostering the democratic inclusion of poor people & people of color in the rebuilding process
  • Americans for the Arts: Hurricane Bulletin Board
    Residents of the affected regions have expressed a desperate need for information. In response, Americans for the Arts has set up a bulletin board: *** http://ww3.artsusa.org/get_involved/membership/katrina/katrina_share.asp *** Please post news about how arts organizations, cultural facilities, & artists are faring in the aftermath of the hurricane; or info about initiatives to assist the arts.

CTAC Mailing List

  • Join our e-mail list!
    Yahoo! Groups: teachingartist http://groups.yahoo.com/group/teachingartist Join our Yahoo! Group, and sign up to receive individual e-mail. You can be among the first to know the teaching artist news & job openings, CTAC meeting info, Chicagoland arts events, and more!!

Katrina Relief Efforts by Chicago Teaching Artists

    Another teaching artist-led relief effort took place September 8 in Wicker Park. Subterranean hosted a Naivete Records Hip Hop showcase. featuring Idris Goodwin with Luna Blues Machine singers, sisters Maritza and Belinda Cervantes, the Cankles, and Malcolm Palmer and his band. Thank you to all who participated, attended, and brought donations!!! ***Contact: idris@idrisgoodwin.com
    On Sept. 8 Jinx Cafe in Wicker Park was filled with poets, musicians, & fans of the arts. Katrina benefit attendees spilled onto the sidewalk, and boxes of much-needed items were stacked like sandbags. Teaching artist poets lit the stage: Krista Franklin, Kevin Coval, Avery R. Young, and Toni Asante Lightfoot, to name a few. DJ Itch 13's beats set the backdrop, Young Chicago Authors alums like Christiana Colon and musician Narcisco Lobo rocked the cafe. Super thanks to Mike Haeflinger for putting the whole thing together!!! ***Send him an e-mail: molotovhepcat@yahoo.com
    Last weekend, teaching artist Nikki Patin collected donations for Katrina survivors during her one-woman show, "Off Inside My Head." These efforts supported a project led by Chris Baird, who has turned to the 3,000 members of his black fraternity to gather "clothes, food, hygiene products, sanitary products, fresh water, etc.." & bring them to New Orleans via rented U-Haul trucks and trailers. Nikki asks everyone to "help the victims of this terrible tragedy in any way." ***Contact Nikki Patin: eclecticdiva@sbcglobal.net, (708) 363-0292

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July 25, 2005



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